Friday, 28 November 2014

 Bag from Mulberry, wallet from Acne Studios, agenda from Louis Vuitton in the PM size, sunglasses from Ray-Ban, key pouch from Prada and leather gloves from Filippa K 

Just wanted to do a what's in my bag. I think it's funny to see other people's bags and what they have in them so I wanted to return the favor if that makes sense. Haha. 

I have just started a channel on youtube and it's a bit scary to be honest. You feel so exposed. I love watching other people do unboxings and reviews on their handbags, shoes or jewelry, so I think I want to do the same. I got a delivery today and I filmed it and did an unboxing, so thinking of posting that on youtube. what to you think? 

My name on youtube is stinbaa, btw. 

1 comment:

  1. This blog post is BEAUTIFUL! I was so amazed as to how much stuff fits into this great bag!
    -This is Kadelle from youtube by the way :) If you ever want to do the "handbag tag" on youtube, I could totally tag you in it once I do it xx